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We have developed a NEW anti-ageing eye treatment to eliminate eye hooding and to reduce the signs of ageing by lifting the eye and minimising eye wrinkles.

The eye area is a notoriously difficult area of the face to treat with skin being very thin and extremely sensitive; The London Eye Lift uses non-invasive and gentle technology which yields highly effective anti-ageing results after just one treatment, an alternative solution from invasive treatments such blepharoplasty surgery or injections around the eyes. The 30 minute treatment combines a laser treatment followed by a chemical peel for revolutionary results with minimal pain and little down time. The treatment is also effective in treating skin discoloration, puffy eyes, dark circles and even tired eye skin.


Dermatologist Dr Anthony Downs from London Real Skin comments: “There are not that many treatments for the eyelids as well as the skin around the eyes for improving the texture, softening lines and tightening early excess skin over the eyelids. Other options, such as surgery, fillers and toxins can be used but they alter how one looks unlike the LONDON EYE LIFT which is non-invasive yet offers fantastic results.”

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