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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Have Practical Benefits, Too

At London Real Skin, the focus is on evidence-based treatments that work. While we are certainly keen to help our patients improve and boost their confidence, we’re also dedicated to improving quality of life.

So, where do anti-wrinkle injections come in to all of this?

When most people think of anti-wrinkle injections, they only consider the aesthetic benefits. While – of course – injections can help minimise the appearance of forehead furrows, frown lines, crows feet and can even be used for non-surgical rhinoplasty and a non-surgical face lift, there’s also a number of practical benefits.

There’s this view that anti-wrinkle injections are only for a certain ‘type’ of person and that as soon as you have them done, people will notice that you changed something in your appearance – or worse –  that you changed your whole face and you don’t look the same. That’s just not true. Adult men and women of all ages can – and should! – consider injections as a treatment for a number of conditions.

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating – diagnosed as hyperhidrosis – most commonly affects the hands, feet and underarms. While, yes, we all sweat, some people do so to such an extent that it’s uncomfortable and sometimes even embarrassing.

While there isn’t a cure, anti-wrinkle injections have been a well-accepted treatment since 2004. Just as injections helps paralyze muscles to smooth wrinkles, they also stop isolated glands from working and effectively intercept the message that tells them to secrete sweat.

The amount of solution used, the depth of the injection and how long it takes all depends on the area you’re treating. But, the results in all cases are the same. No more sweat stains, soggy shoes or damp hands for 7-12 months!

Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth or suffer from discomfort associated with TMJ, anti-wrinkle injections in the masseter can help. The solution is injected into the chewing muscle, blocking the signals that tell the muscles to contract. It’s been deemed not only a safe and reliable treatment, but the most effective in treating bruxism (teeth grinding) and the pain, headaches and jaw problems associated with it.

London Real Skin is a safe, medical environment with staff who have backgrounds in dermatology and in the medical field. They have advanced knowledge of the body’s anatomy and, compared to a medspa, are much more likely to deliver tailored results.

“Seeking treatment from a person who doesn’t have the right knowledge, experience or tools is like getting a tattoo from your hairdresser! Here, you can rest assured that you will be seen by an experienced practitioner and that you’ll be offered a follow-up appointment so that we can make sure you are satisfied with the treatment you received,” Charest said.

Click here to read more about the importance of visiting a trained dermatologist or aesthetic nurse for anti-wrinkle injections and other treatments and contact the clinic today to learn more about how anti-wrinkle injections can be used to treat excessive sweating and teeth grinding.

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