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Acne Scarring Treatments at London Real Skin: Dermal Filler

Acne Vulgaris is a common skin condition that affects around 80% of teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately acne can also appear later in adult life, and a large percentage of people who suffer with acne are likely to be left with some degree of scarring – on the face or body.

Luckily, acne scarring can be treated and significantly improved with the right care and attention. We offer various treatments that target different types of scarring to improve the skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and inflammation as a result of acne scarring. 

So, you’re interested in having dermal filler acne scarring treatment? Read on to find out what to expect from a consultation, treatment, quality of care and service at London Real Skin, and costs. 

We are a CQC registered clinic, which guarantees high quality care, knowledge, professionalism and cleanliness. You can be confident in the level of care delivered at London Real Skin when in the hands of our experienced Aesthetic Doctors and Practitioners. 

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Dermal filler acne scarring treatment

Our Aesthetic Doctors specialise in treating pitted and sunken acne scars using dermal fillers, they are highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who are trained to administer this treatment safely. Fillers are used for facial soft tissue augmentation, which is a very effective way to produce immediate, visible improvements.

Our Aesthetic Doctors expertly and delicately place the filler just beneath the depressed areas of the skin to lift and plump, which helps to reveal a smoother, more even surface area on the face or body. The product we use contains local anaesthetic, so in combination with the topical anaesthetic used before injecting, which minimises discomfort as much as possible. This treatment offers almost immediate results and minimal maintenance.


What type of scarring can be treated using dermal filler?

Deeper, pitted scarring such as atrophic and rolling scars are best treated with dermal filler. Atrophic scarring, caused by acne or chickenpox, is a pitted, beneath the surface type of scarring, where the skin can no longer regenerate collagen or tissue, leaving an indented scar. Rolling scarring is usually an area of 4-5mm scars causing uneven skin texture.

Directly targeting individual pitted scars with filler can often visibly improve surrounding scarring, which can then be treated with different types of non-invasive treatments for optimal results. Depending on each individual, we often combine dermal filler with other treatments to target the larger surface areas of the skin to achieve an overall smoother complexion. Almost all of our patients see significant improvements following their acne scarring treatment.


What to expect from a free consultation at London Real Skin

During your aesthetic consultation you will discuss your skin concerns with your Aesthetic Doctor, who will listen to your concerns and consider your expectations before going through potential treatment options and suggesting the best course of treatment tailored to you. This is the time you can ask any questions, express any concerns and make sure you are fully informed about the treatments you are interested in.

Together you will go through the treatments, time frames, costs and any pre and post-treatment care. After checking your medical history and making sure there are no possible contraindications, you can make your first appointment to begin treatment here at London Real Skin.

The benefits of treating acne scarring with dermal filler

  • Immediate, visible improvements in the overall texture and surface of the skin
  • Minimised discomfort using topical numbing cream
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Effective on acne, chickenpox and other types of pitted, sunken scarring


What is the cost of acne scarring dermal filler treatment?

The cost of dermal filler acne scarring treatment starts from £450.

Costs may vary from patient to patient depending on the quantity of filler used. Your Aesthetic Doctor will always be transparent with you from your initial consultation through to treatment and your follow-up review.


How long does dermal filler last?

Hyaluronic dermal filler is a hydrating, natural product with a gel-like consistency, which achieves natural-looking, long-lasting results.

The product we use contains a naturally occurring compound already found within the skin, and although everyone’s body reacts differently, using hyaluronic dermal filler tends to offer longer-lasting results than alternative products.

Lasting results can depend on a few different factors – how your body reacts to the filler, frequent sun exposure, the area of the skin being treated – in an area which moves more frequently, you can expect to top up infrequently – and more generally, top-ups can depend on personal preference and how much you would personally prefer to maintain the filler.

There are several highly-effective acne scarring treatments available at London Real Skin. Alongside dermal filler, we also offer laser resurfacing, LED light therapies, micro-needling and medical peels. In most cases, we will suggest a combination of treatments to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient.

It can be daunting to be faced with endless product and treatment recommendations, and taking a trial and error approach can make you lose all hope. Let our professionals take care of your skin – book a free consultation today and get your skin back to full health and regain your confidence.

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