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London Real skin: why should you go to a Medical Practitioner for a chemical skin peel?

If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably wondering why chemical skin peels are better left to medical professionals? Well, that’s what we’re here to explain.   

First of all, you don’t need to be unsettled by the thought of a ‘chemical’ skin peel, any skincare product applied to the skin contains chemicals, just in a much lower percentage than a medical-grade peel designed to target problematic areas and give life to lacklustre, dull or ageing skin.  

When applying chemicals to the skin, adverse reactions can happen.  

Higher concentration, acid-based ingredients should be handled only by those who are trained and licensed to do so in a medical setting in order to prevent adverse reactions like burns, worsened pigmentation and potentially irreversible damage. London Real Skin is a dermatology-led, medical skin clinic with Aesthetic Practitioners who have over 50 years of combined experience with medical-grade skin peels – so you’re in great hands, if we say so ourselves.  

The best thing about medical-grade skin peels? Unlike other medical skin treatments, chemical peels are suitable for almost all skin types and tones, are very effective on a wide range of skin concerns and when carried out by a highly-qualified Medical Practitioner, can help you to achieve incredible results. Book a free consultation online or contact the clinic on 0207 183 5892 or info@londonrealskin.com. 


– Constantina Hatsuli, Aesthetic Practitioner

What is a medical-grade skin peel?

Medical-grade skin peels are different chemical solutions, which vary in strength and contain different active, acid-based ingredients. They are used to target particular areas of concern, which can help to improve the appearance of dull or ageing skin and enhance  the overall skin health. Medical-grade refers to the active ingredient percentage, which indicates the strength of the peel from mild, to medium and deeper skin peels – anything above 20% should only be used by a well-trained medical professional who understands the biology of the skin, can identify adverse reactions and can give the correct aftercare products and advice post-treatment.

Milder peels work superficially to target surface-level concerns and improve the tone and texture, and higher percentage peels work deeper into the dermis of the skin, and are effective in boosting collagen production and hydration.  

In short, chemicals are used to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells by speeding up the cell renewal process and in turn can make significant improvements to the overall complexion, texture and tone.  *Excuse us whilst we book an appointment*.  

Why is it important that you see a medical practitioner for a skin peel? 


Your practitioner is using different acid-based chemicals to induce a minor trauma to the skin – this can present a reaction such as skin shedding, temporary redness and increased sensitivity. A Medical Practitioner is trained to ensure that this reaction is purposeful and controlled. By selecting the strength and ingredients most suited to the individual’s skin type and the desired results, they know how many layers to apply, the exact timings and when to neutralise and remove the peel based on what each patient’s skin type can tolerate. Shedding the top layers of skin will help to remove any dead skin cells, treating congested pores and excess sebum in order to reveal a more youthful, even and healthy complexion. It can also help to improve the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and scarring by resurfacing the top layer of affected skin.


– Naomi Oliver, Aesthetic practitioner

Again, this doesn’t need to deter you, but it is one of the two main reasons to ensure you are in good hands! Our practitioners are all equipped with the knowledge to quickly identify an adverse reaction and prevent over-exposing the skin to chemicals.

Finally, AFTERCARE. We can’t stress enough the importance of aftercare, not only to achieve optimal results, but to ensure your skin is well looked after post-treatment. At London Real Skin you will be advised on a home care regime to ensure that your skin is protected and looked after post-treatment. The London Real Skin products are developed by dermatologists to a cosmeceutical grade, containing active ingredients that work. The products are proudly made and manufactured in the UK and are vegan-friendly. 

Research your clinic – CQC registration ensures your practitioner will be up to date with the latest qualifications, training, and knowledge. With over 15 years’ experience administering medical-grade skin peels, you can be confident in the hands of our team. Meet the London Real Skin Team.

What are the benefits of chemical skin peels?

There are several benefits – aside from there only being a very small list of reasons you may not be suitable for treatment, chemical peels can be used as a very effective standalone course of treatments as well as often being used as skin prep treatment, in combination with other treatments, and are highly recommended for results maintenance! A real all-rounder, we’d say.  

To boost general skin health:   

  • Reducing fine lines  
  • Radiance boosting   
  • Stimulating collagen production   
  • Boosting hydration    

To target specific concerns: 

  • Acne  
  • Scarring   
  • Age spots, pigmentation and melasma
  • Congestion and blocked pores
  • Fine lines 

Our skin is delicate! Every day we are exposed to pollution, sunlight and other environmental elements, as well as hormones and other factors, which means that we need to give our skin some TLC.  

There’s no other treatment that is suitable for almost all skin types and can target such a wide range of skin concerns. Chemical skin peels are versatile and effective, which at the very least will leave you with a refreshed and revitalised complexion.  

Like all services at London Real Skin, treatment is subject to an initial free of charge consultation, which helps us to understand what you would like to achieve, and how we can tailor the peels to each individual’s skin concern or desired outcome.   

If you would like more information on the medical-grade peels we offer at London Real Skin, you can make an enquiry online, or contact the clinic on 0207 183 5892 or info@londonrealskin.com to book in your free consultation with one of our experienced practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions: Chemical Skin Peels

If you’re targeting a particular concern using chemical peel treatment, then it will depend on the severity of the skin concern and recommended course of treatments from your practitioner. You’re likely to be recommended 3-6 peels carried our 2-4 weeks apart to treat particular areas of concern.

You can book a free 30 minute consultation with one of the London Real Skin practitioners to find out how many peels would be suitable.

For treatment or results maintenance, getting a chemical peel every few months would be enough to keep up results maintenance and to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy. 

In some cases, yes you can! It really depends on the skin concern you are trying to target, however one of the benefits of a chemical peel is the revitalising glow that can be seen almost immediately post-treatment. You’re likely to feel brighter and fresher after just one peel.

Generally, you will start to see the full benefits after around two weeks, with results sometimes lasting up to six months.

Chemical skin peels are safe and for a well-trained and experienced medical Aesthetic Practitioner, administering skin peels is relatively straightforward. Knowledge, experience and relevant training is vital in being able to identify and act upon rare adverse reactions in order to avoid causing lasting damage. That’s why it’s so important to go to a medical practitioner for a chemical skin peel so that you can be confident your practitioner is able to act upon any signs of unexpected adverse reaction.

Chemical peels help to remove dead skin cells and encourage new cells to grow. With resurfacing properties, chemical peels can sometimes bring issues to the surface, which may become more apparent before they begin to look better. This is all part of the process, and we can assure you that this stage of healing is a good sign and shows tat the peel has targeted the patient’s concern properly. 

Any patient who feels concerned about their skin post-peel treatment is welcome to contact us for advice, reassurance or product recommendations. Peels are 100% safe and effective when carried out by a medical professional.

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