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Introducing the Moxi Laser from Sciton

Are you looking for ways to revitalise your skin? Is your skin looking tired or are you suffering from specific skin concerns like pigmentation, sun damage, uneven tone and texture?  Are you struggling to find a clinically proven treatment that can offer minimal downtime with amazing results?

Introducing the Sciton Moxi Laser. The Moxi Laser treatment is a gentle approach to getting flawless skin and improving and eradicating your skin concerns. It will lighten, brighten and refresh your skin, leaving you looking and feeling great!

Who is suitable for Moxi Laser treatment?

Used as a preventative measure, or for patients who are beginning skin treatments later on in life, the Moxi is a clinically proven way of getting the results you want to see.

For younger patients who are starting out on their skincare journey the Moxi Laser can be incorporated into a regular skincare routine as a way to safeguard against the ageing process. 

For those of us who need to treat deeper lines, uneven and lax skin, Moxi can be used alone or in conjunction with BBL Hero, dermal fillers and muscle relaxing treatments with dramatic anti ageing results.

The Moxi Laser is suitable for all skin types and will treat an array of skin conditions.

How long does a Moxi Laser treatment take?

One of the many benefits of this treatment compared to other lasers on the market is the speed in which treatment can be administered.

Keep in mind that treatment will take slightly longer for larger areas of the body, for example the chest or back and that if you require a topical aesthetic we will also need to set more time aside for numbing the area. 

All in all though his treatment can typically be completed in a lunch break!

When will I see results from a Moxi Laser treatment?

Some patients see significant results from as little as just 1 treatment! That is the power of the Sciton Moxi Laser. Depending on the severity of your specific skin condition and the results you are expecting to achieve we would normally recommend 3 to 4 treatments 4 to 5 weeks apart, with maintenance top up treatments every 4 to 6 months thereafter.

How Long will Moxi Laser results last?

After your first treatments your results will last 6 months on average. Consistency in having the maintenance top up treatments will allow the results to be long lasting. The Moxi Laser treatment is an investment in your skin health that you won’t regret.

Why choose London Real Skin clinics for Moxi Laser treatment?

At London Real Skin we are a medically led dermatological clinic with years of experience in treating our patients’ skin concerns. We use our combined and vast knowledge in the prevention, maintenance and treating of your skin to bring you the best treatments on the market. 

Sciton Lasers are well established in over 45 countries, and the Moxi Laser is a renowned laser treatment loved by skincare fans and Hollywood A listers alike. Booking a no obligation consultation with one of our practitioners is the quickest way to find out what a Moxi Laser treatment can do for your skin.

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