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Can Profhilo be used on the body?

You may already be familiar with Profhilo, the non-invasive bio remodelling treatment that improves skin laxity, hydration and skin quality while increasing collagen and elastin, but did you know that this treatment is not just for your face and neck?

Profhilo Body is the name of the treatment that can do everything you expect from a Profhilo skin boosting treatment on your face, but on other areas of your body.

improve sagging skin on knees london real skin holborn

What’s the difference between Profhilo face and Profhilo Body?

To target larger areas Profhilo Body utilises a larger syringe and a higher concentration of ultrapure hyaluronic acid, which is the active ingredient that helps improve sagging, frail and thin skin.

Where can Profhilo Body be used?

Profhilo Body can be injected on the abdomen, inner arms, knees and decolletage to improve the look of loose and saggy skin. In fact Profhilo Body is the only injectable treatment that has been specifically devised for these areas.

profhilo body holborn london

What are the benefits of Profhilo Body?

Many of us focus on our faces when we get aesthetic treatments and don’t put emphasis on the other areas of our bodies where signs of ageing are becoming apparent. The neck and decolletage area are often ignored and can be a tell tale sign of ageing.

Arms, knees and the stomach areas can be hidden with clothing especially in the winter months, but some of us may feel self conscious in the summer when we would like to wear loose fitting clothing and enjoy feeling the sun on our arms and legs. That’s where Profhilo Body comes in.

Does Profhilo Body work on the stomach?

Yes it does! It can help to tighten and firm loose sagging skin that may have been caused by pregnancy, weight loss or just the ageing process. Profhilo body can be combined with other non invasive aesthetic treatments that can also have a tightening effect on the stomach and abdomen area.  

stomach tightening treatment in Holborn

Can I combine Profhilo Body with other treatments?

Experienced medical aesthetic professionals can combine different treatments to get even better results for their patients. At London Real skin our highly trained practitioners can identify your area of concern and suggest combinations of treatments that can improve your skin quality and your self esteem.

Profhilo Body and BBL Skintyte

The BBL treatment by Sciton is one of the latest additions to our aesthetics tool kit at London Real Skin. Its amazing Broadband light is a more intensive version of IPL treatment. Skintyte, like the name suggests, is great for not only tightening skin but for strengthening it as well. If you have saggy, loose and thinning skin this treatment works wonders. 

Combining the BBL Skintyte treatment with Profhilo Body is a game changer for those of us who want a non surgical treatment to improve skin laxity. 

Is one session of Profhilo body enough?

We recommend that patients have at least 2 Profhilo Body treatments so that they get the full effects from this revolutionary treatment. Each patient is individual so we always recommend that you have a consultation so that we can assess your unique needs and areas of concern and give you the best advice.

How much does Profhilo Body cost?

At London Real skin 2 treatments of Profhilo Body cost £750

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