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Cosmetic treatments for moles

Moles are a very common skin concern. Most moles are harmless and normally appear on parts of the body where they can get sunlight. Some people will notice they get more moles after spending time in the sun.

If you are concerned about the look of your moles you can have them reduced at London Real Skin in Holborn. If you are worried that your moles may look suspicious you can also use our dermatology-led service to help you identify and treat your moles.

How do I identify what type of mole I have?

If you have a mole that is tender, painful, appears scaly, itches, bleeds or oozes it is very important that you visit a dermatologist to get it checked out. Moles that appear when you’re over the age of 30 should also be reviewed by a dermatologist.

An easy way to determine what type of mole you have is by using the ABCDE method

A stands for asymmetry – If one half of the mole does not match the other you should see a dermatologist

B for border – If the edges of the mole are blurred, irregular or ragged looking you should see a dermatologist

C for colour – If your mole is uneven in colour, including black, brown, pink, red, white or blue you should see a dermatologist

D for diameter – If your mole is larger than 6mm across you should see a dermatologist

E for evolving – If your mole is changing in size or colour you should see a dermatologist

How to treat moles?

If you are predisposed to getting moles you should use preventative measures by limiting your exposure to the sun and wearing sunscreen.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your moles you can visit your GP or a registered dermatology service like London Real Skin who will be able to advise you on the best course of action to reduce the look of your moles.

Should I see a dermatologist or a GP for a mole?

If your moles are harmless they won’t be treated by the NHS as this is seen as a cosmetic treatment. If you suspect your mole has signs of melanoma you should either visit your GP or a dermatology-led service like London Real Skin in Holborn.

When you visit your GP for a mole you will be referred to a specialist hospital. You will have to wait up to 2 weeks before your appointment comes through. 

At London Real Skin we can fast track this process for you. Our Medical Director is Dr Martin Wade who is a Consultant Dermatologist for our sister clinic, The London Skin and Hair Clinic and he has years of experience treating these kinds of skin conditions. 

If your mole looks suspicious we are able to work quickly to get an efficient diagnosis for you. We are committed to providing effective diagnosis of moles in a safe CQC registered, clinical environment. 

How are moles treated at London Real Skin?

At London Real Skin we invest in the latest safe and effective technology to treat skin concerns. We use ACP Sterex Electrolysis, which is an advanced treatment technique for the treatment of lesions.

What is ACP Sterex Electrolysis?

ACP Sterex Electrolysis uses a sterile needle that has an electrical current that runs through it to cauterise and allow for the safe reduction of the mole. The needle pinpoints with precise accuracy so as not to damage surrounding healthy tissue.

We offer free consultations, so if you are wanting to get treatment for your moles, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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