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Hydrafacial in Holborn

Hydrafacials are not just a great way to look after your skin but they’re also a well earned opportunity for some time to lie back, relax and pamper yourself.

When you visit London Real Skin in Holborn for a Hydrafacial you will be taken through a process that has been designed to cleanse, exfoliate and revive the look of dull tired skin. 

From your first treatment you will see instant results and with regular treatments your skin health will improve even further over time.

What does a Hydrafacial involve?

Hydrafacial is a patented technology that has been designed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. When you visit London Real Skin to indulge in this treatment we will ask you to lay on the bed and relax before our fully trained dermatology- led practitioner will begin your treatment.

Detox, cleanse & peel

The first stage is to detox your skin through lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic nodes are responsible for clearing out damaged cells. Through gentle massage and pressure the lymphatic nodes will be gently drained helping to eliminate toxins and increasing circulation.

After the lymphatic drainage the cleansing process begins by gently exfoliating and removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. A peel is also applied to resurface the skin. 

Extract, hydrate, fuse and protect

The extraction stage is administered via the unique Hydrafacial wand which has been designed to remove impurities and debris via suction.

The next stage is hydration to saturate the skin with intense moisturisers, antioxidants and peptides that can be specially chosen to treat your unique skin concerns, and will leave your skin glowing.

Finally, you will relax under an LED lamp, which reduces redness, stimulates collagen and supports your body’s natural production of vitamin D.

What skin concerns does Hydrafacial target?

As well as improving your feeling of wellbeing, Hydrafacial targets specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, oily and congested skin, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, skin quality and hydration.

Am I suitable for Hydrafacial treatment?

Yes, Hydrafacial is for everyone! It’s suitable for all skin types and addresses many of your skin health needs. You can choose from either a Signature Hydrafacial or a Platinum Hydrafacial.

You can have Hydrafacial as a one off treatment however, at London Real Skin we would recommend that you have a minimum of 6 treatments (1 a month for 6 months), so you can experience the long term results that come with a course of treatments.

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