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Price Guide

At London Real Skin, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of skin treatments that are tailored to each individual patient. All of our treatments are extensively researched and carefully selected based on clinical evidence and trials that prove their safety and efficacy, and are carried out by highly-skilled and experienced Aesthetic Practitioners. 

We recommend a course of treatments for optimal results, and provide different payment options to support you on your journey with us.

Please note that the below prices are only guides. The exact treatment price will be confirmed during your complimentary skin consultation.

  • Cosmetic surgery consultation £285
  • Upper blepharoplasty £3500
  • Scar revision From £600
  • Split earlobes From £600
  • Mole removal From £850

Laser Hair Removal – Harmony XL with Soprano 810 pain free laser hair removal1 Treatment price6 Treatment Price9 Treatment Price
Lip or chin or between brows£60£300£420
Lip and chin£90£450£630
Lip, chin and jaw£100£500£700
Lower face£120£600£840
Lower face including neck£130£650£910
Full face£150£725£1,050
Full face including neck£160£800£1,120
Upper arms£120£600£840
Lower arms£120£500£840
Full arms£200£1,000£1,400
Lower leg including knees£160 £800 £1,120
Thighs£170 £850 £1,190
Full legs£260 £1,300 £1,820
Feet£75 £375 £525
Toes£50 £250 £350
Neck£80 £400 £560
Shoulders£110 £500 £770
Chest or abdomen£130 £650 £910
Mid-line or female sternum£75 £375 £525
Nipples£50 £250 £350
Chest & abdomen£210 £1,050 £1,470
Back and shoulders£225 £1,125 £1,575
Full back£170 £850 £1,190
Bikini line£100 £500 £700
Extended bikini line£120 £600 £840
Brazilian£140 £700 £980
Hollywood£160 £800 £1,120
Buttocks£130 £625 £910
Partial male bikini£150 £650 £1,050
Full male bikini£180 £900 £1,260
Natal cleft£180 £900 £1,260
Combination- Full legs (excluding feet), bikini and underarms £395 £1,975 £2,765
Combination- Lower leg, bikini and underarm£340 £1,700 £2,380
Combination- Full back, full chest and abdomen, shoulders, upper arms£475 £2,375 £3,325


  • Microneedling Full Face   £340
  • Microneedling Full Face – 6 Treatments   £1,650 (-10%)
  • Microneedling Chest   £370
  • Microneedling Chest – 6 Treatments    £1,770 (-10%)
  • Microneedling Face and Chest   £575
  • Microneedling Face and Chest – 6 Treatments    £2750 (-10%)
  • Microneedling Localised Area (Small Scar)   £250
  • Microneedling Localised Area – 6 Treatments   £1,200 (-10%)

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Payment Options

We offer different payment options to best support you on your patient journey with us.

These options include:

  • An upfront payment for a course of sessions that will include a saving on your treatments. In order to qualify for the saving, you would need to purchase the course upfront. The amount will then be saved under your ‘account’ on our system and will be deducted each time you redeem one of your treatments.
  • Direct debits, with 0% finance options. You will be able to secure a direct debit with us, via go cardless during your initial consultation, and thereafter the amount will be debited off your account. The length of time for the direct debits vary on the treatment being carried out and the cost thereof. The length of time will usually vary from between 3 months- 12 months depending. These direct debits will include an upfront saving. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Patients are welcome to pay as they go with each treatment session, however this would not include any upfront savings.

Why choose the direct debit payment option?

  • 0% finance- interest free
  • Upfront saving on a course of treatment
  • Quick and easy application process
  • Processed online through the secure GoCardless platform within 24-48 hours
  • Contactless payment

Terms and Conditions:

  • Payments will be debited from your payment account monthly
  • Mostly all of our treatments are available through the direct debit payment option except for injectables. Other treatment exclusions may apply
  • To qualify for the direct debit payment option, a minimum spend of £500 is required
  • A minimum of 3 months is required but will be dependent on the treatment course purchased
  • There is a 14 day period after signing up whereby you can cancel your direct debit should you change your mind
  • Where a refund is granted on a prepaid package, the individual sessions will be costed at the pay as you go price, not the package price
  • Not valid on products. Terms & conditions apply
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