Rita Gulbinaite



Rita Gulbinaite is a distinguished Aesthetic Therapist with a remarkable career spanning over 12 years in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Her journey commenced as a Beauty Therapist, where she first honed her skills and passion for helping clients look and feel their best. As she ventured further into the field, Rita evolved into an experienced Aesthetic Practitioner, specializing in Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (Sterex Electrolysis). Her scientific education background paved the way for her to excel in this field, and she furthered her knowledge by undertaking extensive training, including at the EMES Beauty Institute in Italy. Subsequently, Rita pursued her Diploma in Blemish Removal in the UK with Sterex, a renowned institution in the field, which deepened her understanding of the physiology of the skin and the intricacies of blemish removal.

Rita’s career trajectory exemplifies her unwavering commitment to offering top-tier services to her clients. Her true passion in aesthetics lies in blemish removal, where she has dedicated the majority of her career to treating various skin conditions. Rita has amassed a wealth of experience in addressing a diverse array of skin concerns. Her relentless pursuit of excellence is underlined by her drive to deliver the best possible results, ensuring that patients at London Real Skin receive the utmost care and satisfaction from their treatments. Rita’s expertise and commitment to enhancing the lives of her clients make her an invaluable asset to our team, and we are proud to have her as part of our endeavor to provide top-quality aesthetic services.

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