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Cellulite & Stretch
Mark Treatment

London Real Skin is the first clinic in the UK to pioneer Fusion GT’s breakthrough Biodermogenesi treatment, that is clinically proven to safely effectively target and reduce cellulite and stretch marks. 

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stretch marks and cellulite treatment 

As seen on ITV’s This Morning program on 19th June 2019, the Biodermogenesi treatment is scientifically proven to improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, and is a non-invasive method for skin regeneration that results in smoother and tighter skin, and a dramatic lifting effect.

This is as a direct result of initiating a repair mechanism in the skin increasing collagen production and vascularization, without wounding the skin.

The Biodermogenesi treatment is effective on any type of stretch marks including abdomen, buttocks, breasts and arms and is effective on all skin types. It has no side effects and no downtime.

Most patients find after 6 treatments their stretch marks are significantly reduced and can tan naturally.

Benefits of Biodermogenesi Treatment

  • Effective on any type of stretch marks including abdomen, buttocks, breasts and arms
  • Effective on all skin types
  • Stretch marks fill with an average of 83.6%
  • Tanning of the stretch marks on 100% of patients undergoing a complete cycle of sessions- no limitation to sun exposure is required 
  • Stable results after follow-up performed 5 years later.
  • No side effects and no downtime 
  • Breakthrough technology with the use of appliance Bi-one® 2.0 MD.
  • Treatments are carried out by expert Aesthetic Practitioners within a CQC approved Clinic.
  • Multiple clinical studies and evidence proving the effectiveness of the Biodermogenesi treatment
  • The skin’s membrane and collagen structure are significantly improved.
  • This treatment promotes increased blood flow and oxygen circulation around the treated areas and stimulates skin regeneration
  • Biodermogenesi also treats the face and neck by the filling of wrinkles, lifting of facial features and improving skin suppleness and texture, resulting in brighter, tighter, youthful-looking skin.

Treatment at a Glance

30-90 minutes

6-8 treatments every 4-6 weeks


Skin Concerns Treated
Stretch marks and cellulite.

A course of 6 sessions is £2200 with a saving on one treatment.

Before & After

Before After biodermedenesi beforebiodermegenesi after 32
Before After cell 32 before cropcell 32 after crop

Frequently Asked Questions

This synergy of electromagnetic field, electrostimulation and vacuum has shown that we can regenerate the matrix of our skin by reorganising its structure.

The quantitative and qualitative increase of type III collagen, elastic fibres and cell mitosis are combined with an increase in hydration and the normalization of pH. At the same time, there is a reduction of fibrosis and inflammation and improvement of the vascularization (blood flow) of the tissue and increasing oxygen supply and nutritional elements to the skin.


The highly skilled Aesthetic Practitioner will apply the hand piece to the area to be treated and a light level of pressure. The handpiece has a slight vacuum effect as the electromagnetic field reactivates the pumping of sodium and potassium through the membranes and promotes nourishment and cellular detoxification. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and is a comfortable experience. There is no heat or pain involved.

There are no side effects and no down time. There is also no limitation to sun exposure. Treatment is not suitable for patients who have a pace-maker.

For the best results we schedule treatments no closer than 3 days apart, and no more than 14 days between treatments. There is no specific aftercare required following treatment. Ideally we ask that patients hold off from tanning the stretch mark area until they have completed a course of 6 treatments.

Biodermogenesi® is an innovative technology capable of restoring the maximum regenerative ability of the skin.

Biodermogenesi® has been selected
by the Presidency of the Council Innovation Agency among the Italian patents with the highest technological and innovative content. Biodermogenesi® has been rigorously tested and researched and there is clinical evidence available to prove its safety and efficacy in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. 

We only offer treatments we believe in – all of which have been hand-selected by Medical Director and Consultant Dermatologist Dr Martin Wade; following careful analyses and clinical studies to assess & prove each treatment’s efficacy and safety before introducing them into the clinic.

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