Sciton Moxi

The Sciton Moxi laser is one of the latest laser treatments to arrive at London Real Skin. The Moxi Laser takes a gentler approach to treating your skin and is suitable for all types of skin. This type of laser treatment results in dramatic tonal and textural improvements and requires minimal downtime.

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Moxi is a gentle laser treatment that targets superficial skin through a fractionated 1927nm wavelength. The treatment results in anti-ageing benefits, leaving skin looking radiant and smoother. This laser treatment is safe for all types of skin, using three distinct energy settings that ensures the treatment is tailored to your skin needs.

What are the Benefits of the Sciton MOXI Laser?

  • Prejuvenate, rather than rejuvenate, your skin, taking a proactive approach to treat signs of ageing skin before they become obvious.
  • Resurface your skin to refresh and brighten your skin with minimal downtime required.
  • Treat the early signs of sun damage on your skin and see a general improvement in the texture and tone of your skin.
  • This treatment can be combined with BBL Hero treatment to great effect.

What is The MOXI Procedure?

At the consultation stage our therapist will formulate a treatment plan so that it is specifically tailored to your skin concerns.

Initially on the day of treatment there will be a topical anaesthesia applied around 45 minutes before the procedure takes place.

The laser itself will have a warming sensation on your skin, however, patients find the treatment to be tolerable. There will also be a cooling device used to help ensure you are comfortable and minimise swelling after the procedure has been completed.


 Single Session £550
Three Sessions £1450

Add small body area (eg. hands)
Single Session £200
Three Sessions £600

Add medium body area (eg. decolletage)
Single Session £350
Three Sessions £1050

Add large body area (eg. back, arms)
Single Session £550
 Three Sessions £1450

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid tanning and excessive exposure to the sun. Do not undertake any chemical peels for a few weeks before the procedure.

The level of pain depends on the level of treatment undertaken, however, our patients generally find the treatment tolerable. We also provide anaesthesia via topical creams and a cooling device to keep you comfortable. 


This varies from patient to patient depending on specifici skin concerns, but in the majority of cases our patients will start with a series of three treatments over a month to six weeks period, followed by booster sessions if necessary.


BBL is much more useful for skin tone, while MOXI is more helpful with skin texture. A combination of both treatments is optimal for the best results.

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