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Skin Consultation
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At London Real Skin we offer complimentary aesthetic  consultations that offer a detailed assessment and analysis of your skin. Our assessments are comprehensive and allow us to tailor a bespoke skincare regime and treatments plan that will be most suitable for you and your skin concerns and goals.

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Complimentary Consultation

aesthetic skin consultation in london

During a skin consultation, our highly skilled and experienced Aesthetic Practitioners will carry out a skin scanning analysis using the Observ 520 ®. This modern technology is safe, proven and effective and provides our patients with a visual understanding of the deeper layers of their skin.

We are committed to utilising the industry’s leading technology to reveal and target skin concerns before you can even see them. Many skin concerns start deep under the surface which makes them difficult to be assess with the human eye. This is why we use the Observ at the start of your journey with us and throughout your treatment course to monitor your results.

All patients who have received a recommended treatment or product plan are eligible for one 30-minute free review appointment with their Aesthetic Practitioner. If additional reviews are required to discuss your concerns or results, a £25 fee per review will apply.

Dermatology-Led Aesthetic Clinic in London
Dermatology-Led Aesthetic Clinic in London

What to expect during a Skin Consultation

  1. Our Aesthetic Practitioners will carry out an Observ ® 520 Skin Scanning Analysis of the deeper layers of your skin.
  2. Photographs will be taken to track and monitor your results.
  3. A bespoke treatment and skincare product plan will be provided to suit your skin needs. 
  4. The cost of the treatment plan will be advised
  5. A patch test, where required, will be carried out.
  6. We will answer any questions you may have and provide further information on the treatment.
  7. Your medical history will be checked and you will be required to sign the patient consent forms. 

The Observ Device

The Observ device is a breakthrough skin analysis technique during which the skin is observed when exposed to patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology. 

Observ gives our team the flexibility to switch between different analysis modes. We can gather clear data quickly, and safely help uncover a variety of skin concerns and conditions such as:

  • Clogged pores
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Rosacea
  • Loss of collagen
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular conditions & diminished circulation
  • Wrinkle formations & fine line patterns
  • Thinned, dry and sensitive skin.

With this innovative solution, you do not have to wait for skin conditions to reveal themselves. You can take action now to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Dermatology-Led Aesthetic Clinic in London
Dermatology-Led Aesthetic Clinic in London

After the Observ Analysis

Following the observ 520 analysis, photographs will be taken on the Ipad, following your consent, to monitor your progress and results. 

A personalised skincare plan will be recommended based on your skin type and problem areas. Within this plan, Dermatologist- led skincare products will be recommended which may include prescription products. We recommend skincare products with clinically proven ingredients from our own product line, London Real Skin created by Dermatologist Dr Wade, and brands including Obagi . Your practitioner will explain how these are used, including special precare instructions if you are having an aesthetic or laser treatment.

At London Real Skin, we pride ourselves on delivering real treatments with real results. Our videos and photography are original and not enhanced in any way as we like to offer a true reflection of what a treatment is likely to deliver. Treatment results may vary from person to person depending on skin types & other factors.

If you are suffering from a dermatology medical condition it may be necessary to refer you to a dermatologist at the London Skin and Hair Clinic in order to address the underlying condition.

Skin Consultation FAQ

Everyone can have a skincare consultation. Some skincare products contain retinoids, so if you are pregnant or thinking of conceiving let us know and we will tailor the skincare regime accordingly. 

Prior to using any new skincare products you should always check that you aren’t allergic to the ingredients in the product. We recommend applying a small test patch either to the inner arm or behind the ear, to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction. As many of the skincare products we recommend are medical-grade, they can result in peeling or redness of the skin, in which case you should reduce the frequency of use.You will be advised on any special instructions for using the skincare products, or if you are having aesthetic treatments in conjunction with the skincare regime.

If your skincare regime includes topical Vitamin A products (including retinols) then you should ensure that you use a daily broad spectrum sunblock (SPF50+) and these products should be used in the evening.

The consultation duration can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the treatment that will be done, and whether or not a patch test will be required. We also allow for enough time to answer any questions you may have around the treatment plan. 

Results will vary from patient to patient and are dependent on factors such as age and lifestyle, but with ongoing adherence to the regime, you should start to see an overall improvement in the appearance of your skin. Our cosmetic procedure assessment’s of the results involve a great deal of subjectivity. Therefore, it is important to understand that while you will be advised of the probable result, this should in no way be interpreted as a guarantee.

We recommend a review every 2-3 months for follow-up photographs and to assess the effectiveness of the skincare programme. In general we’d expect you to see an improvement in the appearance of your skin from 3 months.

No, cosmetic surgery consultations with Plastic Surgeon Mr Nick Pantelides are not free, they are chargeable appointments at £285. However in the event that you proceed with cosmetic surgery the follow-up consultation and aftercare review are not charged, and included in the price.

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