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Fine Lines &

Fine lines and wrinkles are folds and creases that appear in the skin as a result of the ageing process and other factors including lifestyle, environmental, and genetics. 

We offer a variety of treatments to safely and effectively target fine lines and wrinkles. 

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What are lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear around your eyes and mouth from your mid thirties, as a result of a natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Furrow lines – these can be classified as dynamic or static. They usually appear as two deep grooves between the eyebrows, or horizontal lines across the forehead.

Frown lines – these can look very similar to furrows and appear on the forehead between the eyebrows. Frown lines can arise as a result of a repeated facial expression.

Crow’s feet – These appear as multiple fine lines around the eyes due to smiling and the activity of the eyelid muscles.

Worry lines – These appear across the forehead as a result of the same facial expression when raising the eyebrows. Eventually these can become permanent lines.

Causes of lines and wrinkles

Wrinkles arise as a result of a decrease in the amount of water held by the epidermis with age, which leads to an irregular thickening of the dermis. Triggers for this process include sun damage and exposure, and environmental toxins including smoking.

Repeated muscle movement can cause certain types of wrinkles to appear.  Skin also loses elasticity over time due to a reduction in fat cells under the skin, and a loss of collagen and elastin fibres, resulting in lacklustre and flaccid skin with age.

Who can develop fine lines and wrinkles?

The simple answer. Everyone. 

Usually from the mid-20s onwards, we start to notice fine-lines and wrinkles. Drier skin tends to develop fine lines and wrinkles earlier than in more oily skin types.

Treating lines and wrinkles

Although there is no miracle cure to prevent our skin ageing, there are treatments available which can improve your skin’s appearance, and reduce and minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

Prevention is better than cure and so reducing sun exposure through the use of a daily sunblock, avoiding smoking, and enjoying a healthy balanced diet including healthy fats and minimising alcohol consumption will all help minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

Aesthetic treatments which can help minimise fine lines and wrinkles include the following:

Skincare Consultations provide a personalised skincare regime to prevent premature ageing of the skin through protecting the skin and improving the visible appearance of the skin. Long-term use of retinoid creams, Vitamin-C and products containing alpha-hydroxyl acids have been proven to reduce fine lines on the face.

Dermal Fillers can fill deeper lines and wrinkles on the face. The results are almost immediate and can last for up to 12 months.

Facial Rejuvenation laser treatment can reduce fine lines and tighten the skin through removing the top later of the skin and revealing fresher underlying skin.

Medical-grade Skin Peels can help the skin become tighter and smoother through removing surface skin cells and stimulating skin renewal. Normally a course of six peels is required in order to see longer lasting benefits.

Anti-wrinkle Injections can improve the appearance of permanent dynamic lines such as frown lines. By limiting the muscles responsible for frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines the muscles relax and the area becomes smoother with less defined lines. Results are normally seen within two weeks and can last for up to 4 months.

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